How and Why I Started my Journey to Alkaline  Electric Vegan Lifestyle

How and Why I Started my Journey to Alkaline Electric Vegan Lifestyle

I started my journey in January 1st, 2017. My New Years resolution was to eat cleaner and cut all animals products. But like many, a few weeks later I gave up. I had no support and no clue where to start. It wasn’t until a life changing car accident in February 2017 that almost left me crippled, for me to fully commit. I had a torn meniscus in my left knee, fractured bones, concussion, PSTD, and I was diagnosed with depression. I’m a full time student with two full time job who fully support myself so being out of commission for months to heal was not an option. So I did something radical I completely eliminated all animal products and started eating cleaner. I watched a video on YouTube on Dr.Sebi explaining what to eat , and then I found his nutritional guide. I ate only what was on his guide, to see how I felt.
I’m allergic to most pain medication so I had to turn to herbs. The herbs I used for pain was Blue Vervain, and valerian. I started taking Seamoss and Bladderwrack to get the Minerals I needed. I then decided to eliminate the mucus which caused the pain by drinking elderberries, linden leaves, and burdock tea twice a day. Walking and resuming my regular activities was and continue to be my motivation so I stopped at nothing, after all I have my entire life ahead of me.
In 4 months I slowly started to walk with my cane, I was healed from depression, and resumed my regular activities. My advice to others is to stay the course yes their will be times where you feel like giving up. Take it slow, this is not a race for the swift but for those who are able to endure. I created a YouTube channel foodfornegus to help those who have no clue on where to start or how to cook this channel and site is a great way to start.
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