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“Many people have reported that damiana has changed their lives - for not only is it an aphrodisiac tea, it is also a proven natural anti-depressant and a calming tonic. It is also useful in weaning smokers off tobacco or other plants.Damiana as a tea is a tonic for the kidneys, the sexual organs and the nervous system. It is excellent at balancing the hormones and the emotions. The effect of this tea is definitely more noticeable when one is feeling down, out of sorts, grumpy, angry or upset, giving one an immediate and natural feeling of well-being. Many have used damiana to alleviate depression. 

Many women have noticed that symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT) as well as menopause, disappear with regular use of damiana (i.e. two or three cups per week).

For those wishing to experiment with the aphrodisiac side of Damiana, try drinking 2 cups of strong Damiana tea (one tablespoon/cup sweetened with agave) each day for a maximum of 2 weeks. One 69 year old man wrote that he enjoyed love making three times each night with his much younger lover and that the drinking of this tea ‘made him more attractive to the ladies’.

One teaspoon of Damiana herb in a pot of hot water makes quite a fragrant, pleasant-tasting tea that everyone will enjoy. The drinking of Damiana tea easily replaces alcohol for social occasions and many have reported that they desire less alcohol after drinking Damiana. All in all, used appropriately as a pleasant tea or as a smoking medium for a party alternative, Damiana is one of the most versatile, safe and effective herbs for general well being, health and enjoyment.” - RAYS Rave 


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