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Wild Jamaican Guaco

Wild Jamaican Guaco

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Wild Jamaican Guaco is a potent herb revered for generations by Jamaican healers.


    • Detox Champion: Flush out toxins and excess mucus, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.
    • Digestive Ally: Soothe an upset stomach and support healthy digestion.
    • Alkaline Ally: Restore balance with this naturally alkaline plant, promoting overall health.
    • Respiratory Warrior:
        • Natural Bronchodilator: Open up airways and ease breathing.
        • Expectorant: Loosen and expel mucus for clearer lungs.
        • Cough Suppressant: Soothe irritation and calm dry coughs.
        • Upper Respiratory Champion: Tackle bronchitis, pleurisy, colds & flu, and even asthma.
    • Soothe & Heal: Reduce sore throat and laryngitis discomfort.

    • Wild & Sustainable: Harvested ethically from lush Jamaican hills, preserving potency and respecting the ecosystem.


    • Brew a soothing tea: Steep dried leaves for a detoxifying and respiratory-clearing drink.
    • Add to smoothies: Blend fresh or dried leaves for a powerful herbal boost.


Option 1: Classic Hot Tea


1-2 teaspoons of dried guaco leaves (adjust for desired strength)

1 cup (250ml) of freshly boiled water


Place the leaves in a teapot or infuser.

Pour the boiling water over the leaves and cover.

Let steep for 10–15 minutes.

Strain & Enjoy:

Once steeped, strain the tea into a cup.

You can add agave, maple syrup, and/or ginger to taste (optional).

Option 2: Cold Infusion

Measure out:

1 tablespoon of dried guaco leaves

2 cups (500ml) of cold water

Combine and infuse:

Place the leaves in a sealed jar or pitcher.

Pour the cold water over the leaves.

Cover and infuse in the refrigerator for 6–8 hours (overnight is fine). 

Strain and enjoy:

Strain the tea into a cup.

You can add ice and any desired flavorings (optional).

You can drink up to 2 cups per day.


      • Adjust the steeping time and amount of leaves to your preference.


    If you experience any adverse effects, discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional.

      Net Wt. 1 Oz

      For informational purposes only and does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your healthcare provider before consuming any new herbal product.

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